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BETD2022 Tour Review and Highlights

During the third and last guided tour of BETD 2022, selected participants were able to explore the unique village of Feldheim, 60 km south of Berlin. Feldheim is entirely energy self-sufficient and thus the only one of its kind in Germany. The tour began with a presentation of the overall design of the village, followed by exciting visits to the various energy production sites. These include the local wind farm with 55 turbines, a solar PV park, a biogas plant with shared electrical and thermal power, and the battery storage system.
Feldheim is one of the most spectacular concepts and examples of supplying local businesses, private households and local government with renewable energy on a self-sufficient basis. Participants of this tour leaned how a decentralized sustainable energy supply can be developed and how energy independence can be achieved today.

Tour Information

The village of Feldheim is one of the most spectacular concepts for supplying enterprises, private households and local government with renewable energies on a decentralised, self-sufficient basis. This tour includes a presentation followed by a tour through the village – a visit of the nearby wind power plant, the associated biogas plant and finally the connecting battery storage facility. Visitors learn how it is possible for communities to be supplied 100% with heating and electricity from local, renewable energy sources.

Featured Companies / Projects / Stops

- Presentation and tour of the energy self-sufficient town Feldheim
- Wind farm and the E40 gondola
- Biogas plant and the heat distribution center
- Regional Regulating Power Station (Battery storage)


Tour Dates & Times

The 2022 BETD Onsite Guided Tours have ended. For information on future tours, go to the main BETD website and follow the BETD social media channels to stay informed.


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