Lausitz Tour: Old Coal Regions – Renewed!

BETD 2022 Tour Review and Highlights

During the second of three guided tours of the BETD 2022, participants visited the historic coal region of Lausitz in eastern Germany. Being among the most important coal producers of the country, the region is particularly affected by the international coal phase-out and faces tough structural change. Due to governmental support and ambitious local companies, however, Lausitz is well on the way to becoming a region where sustainable innovation in the energy sector can thrive.

After a two-hour bus ride from Berlin, participants arrived at the first stop of the tour - one of the largest batteries in Europe, located on the site of an operating coal-fired power plant. The tour continued with a visit of the "Cottbus Ostsee", a lake currently evolving from the flooding of an old coalmine. Here, participants were able to observe the extent to which fossil production sites can be restored and transformed. The size of the lake additionally emphasised the enormous environmental impact of the coal industry. During the third and last stop at the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, participants and various local actors discussed the development and challenges of different renewable energy technologies. There was particular focus on hydrogen and the potential of the region to play a leading role in this industry. With this in mind, the tour was concluded with a visit to the university's hydrogen research centre.
Overall, this unique tour allowed participants to explore a region that has been essential for energy provision for generations but also a major cause of GHG emissions, which will now continue to play a crucial role in energy through climate friendly energy solutions.

Tour Information

As a traditional and historic coal region in eastern Germany, Lausitz is particularly affected by the German and global coal phase-out and faces tough structural change challenges. Due to governmental support and the will of local energy companies to preserve the region and local economy, Lausitz is in the process of transitioning into a sustainable and future-oriented region, where the hydrogen and renewable energy industry will play a central role.

The Energiewende Tour of Lausitz provides a unique experience of ‘Energiewende’ in action, from past, present and the future. The tour is divided into three stops. First, one of the largest batteries in Europe will be visited which is located on the site of an existing coal-fired power plant. The second stop will be a former coal mine that is currently being flooded for future rehabilitation. Specialists on site will give an overview of both the flooding activities and the urban development plans for the continued use of the lake. Finally, we will visit the Technical University of Cottbus, where we will hear various company presentations and visit the university's hydrogen research center.

Featured Companies / Projects / Stops

Block 1: Schwarz Pumpe
- Big Battery Lausitz, LEAG Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG

Block 2: Cottbus Ostsee
- Water management and land reclamation, LEAG Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG
- Urban development of the Cottbus Ostsee, City administration of Cottbus

Block 3: Presentations at Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg
- Welcome by the dean of the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg
- Hydrogen Network in Lausitz “DurcH2atmen”, IHK Cottbus & Hydrogen Network Lausitz
- Hydrogen production to synthetic fuels - Siemens Energy/Fraunhofer IWU, Hydrogen Lab Görlitz
- Green hydrogen production + refueling at Cottbusverkehr, LEAG Lausitz Energie Kraftwerk AG
- eFuels - demonstration plant in Lausitz, PtX Lab Lausitz

Block 4: Visit of the university’s hydrogen research center


Tour Dates & Times

The 2022 BETD Onsite Guided Tours have ended. For information on future tours, go to the main BETD website and follow the BETD social media channels to stay informed.


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